Floor And Stair Repairs

An uneven wooden floor is best levelled with a floor-sanding machine, which can be hired. Ask your hire-shop for clear instructions as to how to use this. Walking about and observing the noise of bare boards will show if there are any gaps between boards and joists. Warped boards may be pulled down by driving … Read more

Repositioning a staircase

Repositioning the main staircase may both free wasted space in the house and result in a safer design. Many staircases in pre-1940 properties were badly designed with an uneven pitch, unequal treads and narrow and steep winders. As such they have caused innumerable accidents. A repositioned staircase must comply with building regulations. These require: 1 … Read more

Designing A Staircase and Landing

A badly designed, staircase will prove the most hazardous area in the house, especially for children, the old or the infirm. If you are putting in a new staircase, be wary of open risers, however attractively airy. Children may fall through and adults feel insecure. Lest children trap their heads, stair railings should be close-spaced, … Read more