Tree Fruits and Seeds

The fertilized egg cell develops into an embryo which, with certain reserve tissues, forms the seed which is enclosed in a protective covering called the seed coal. The Fruit is a ripened ovary, its walls forming the seed vessel, and contains one or more seeds. In most conifers the seeds are contained in a cone … Read more

The Function Of Berries

A great many plants, particularly shrubs and trees, grow their seeds in the form of berries. Shrub berries generally present little difficulty in raising, but they cannot be hurried too much. The natural way with such seeds is for the berry to be carried some distance by birds. It may then be dropped, or the … Read more

Some Useful Kitchen Garden Practices

Intercropping This is of great use in the small kitchen garden. A quick-to-grow and mature vegetable is grown between two rows of a slower-growing vegetable. A good example is radish sown between two rows of peas. Two somewhat slower-growing vegetables may be ‘grown alongside each other. Thus lettuces may be grown in the vacant paces … Read more