Electrical DIY Work

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 Electricity can kill. Treat it with respect. 2 If unsure about the safety of any equipment, consult an electrician. 3 Remove plugs before examining equipment and switch off at the mains before working on fixed equipment. 4 Do not overload circuits by using too many adaptors. 5 Do not use wall switches … Read more

DIY Dangers – Hazards for the do-it-yourselfer

Accidents occur frequently during do-it-yourself or leisure activities, when attention is concentrated on the job, and sensible precautions often forgotten. Over-reaching to do just that little bit more, finding out it is too much, can cause home accidents. Painting and decorating Check that the ladder is in good order, that rungs are not weak or … Read more

DIY Electricity Basics

Every home is dependent on electricity as a means of power; in fact, few gadgets will work without it. It provides lighting and heating — even if you have gas or oil as your main source of fuel — and it powers virtually all those household appliances that have-become an essential part of people’s lives … Read more