LINOLEUM is a mixture of oxydized linseed oil, resins, cork-dust and other substances, rolled out on a backing of canvas. It is either monochrome (self-coloured) or patterned. A pattern may be either printed on the surface of a monochrome sheet or go right through to the backing. Through patterned or inlaid linoleum is more expensive … Read more

Gutters, House

As a great part of the soot, dust, leaves and other rubbish which falls on a roof is washed by rain into the gutters, these will gradually fill up if not cleaned periodically. Leaves are perhaps the chief offenders, especially as regards low roofs near trees. They decay and form mud. A partly-filled gutter may … Read more


THE conveniences of having a motor car to use are seriously lessened if the car has to be housed in a public garage, or in a hired lock-up garage some distance away. And the oftener the car is needed, the more is the handicap felt. From the financial point of view alone it is worth … Read more

Guttering Repair Tips

One of the most useful improvements in house construction in recent years has been the widespread use of plastic gutters and downpipes, which need virtually no maintenance or decoration and which are easy to install and remove. Their predecessors, mainly cast iron, can corrode away, and once cracked or broken can be difficult to repair. … Read more

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are intended to collect water from a roof and take it to downpipes. These may meet at funnel-shaped containers, called hoppers, and from here the water flows down to a drain. A surprising amount of other debris is washed down with the water and hoppers may become choked with nests and growing plants. Before … Read more

DIY Home Surveying

If you really are reluctant to do household repairs, it’s obvious that you should buy a house that doesn’t need them. The right house would be one that has recently been decorated to your taste, has all the built-in storage you require and all the plumbing, electrics and roofing in working order. This will then … Read more

Self Build Structural factors

Not all building materials are able to resist compressive and tensional forces equally. Brickwork, concrete and masonry are very strong under compression but have little ability to resist tensional stress. This means that they are very useful at supporting dead loads, provided the line of action of the force does not pass outside the column … Read more

The Structure of Your Home

Your house may be detached, semi-detached or terraced. It may be a bungalow, two-storey or three-storey — or you may live in a flat in a multi-storey block. The external construction may be of brick or stone, timber-framed, timber-clad or be a combination of materials. The roof may be pitched or flat or mansard (providing … Read more