Window Repairs That Save Money

The commonest problems with windows are the sticking of moving parts, damage caused by rot and cracked or broken glass. Where hinged casements or sliding sashes stick, the trouble may be caused by the accumulation of paint on the meeting surfaces, and it can often be cured by stripping back to bare wood and repainting. … Read more

Making Clothes Fit

The way clothes fit obviously depends on their style and construction, but the principles described here apply in most cases. DARTS AND SEAMS You can take in all garments by increasing the amount of fabric taken at the seams or other shaping areas such as darts, tucks, pleats or gathers. To let out garments reduce … Read more

Floor And Stair Repairs

An uneven wooden floor is best levelled with a floor-sanding machine, which can be hired. Ask your hire-shop for clear instructions as to how to use this. Walking about and observing the noise of bare boards will show if there are any gaps between boards and joists. Warped boards may be pulled down by driving … Read more

Fixing Loose Screws

If a woodscrew becomes loose the best treatment is to move it to a new position, when possible. If a door hinge is pulling away it might be moved far enough for the screws to be driven again into solid wood. When this is done, the old holes should be plugged to avoid wood fibres … Read more

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are intended to collect water from a roof and take it to downpipes. These may meet at funnel-shaped containers, called hoppers, and from here the water flows down to a drain. A surprising amount of other debris is washed down with the water and hoppers may become choked with nests and growing plants. Before … Read more

Door repairs–Panel Doors

Replacing a panel. Splits, breaks, dents or other damage may occur in a panelled door. A broken or badly split panel is best replaced. Panels are usually set in rebates or grooves and often finished with moulding at the edges and at muntins. Prise away the moulding where this exists by sliding a chisel beneath … Read more

Repairing and Maintaining Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are designed to keep perishable foods for varying lengths of time by storing them under suitable conditions and at the right temperature. The appliances work by means of a liquid refrigerant flowing through tubes which vapourizes into a gas and absorbs the heat from its surroundings — the freezing unit and refrigerator; … Read more