Painting Technique

Most paints require stirring before use, but read the instructions, particularly if the colour appears even when you open the can. Some oil paints need a very thorough mixing, using a clean wooden stick. Varnishes are better not stirred violently as this causes air bubbles which will mark the surface. Do all stirring before use, … Read more

How to paint walls

Painting a house wall is one of the oldest forms of decoration and still very popular. The best materials for amateur use are almost certainly the modern emulsion paints. These are water-solvent paints, but dry very hard. In fact a good emulsion paint may be scrubbed clean if it gets dirty. The washable distempers, which … Read more

Preparation For Painting Work

First strip your room for action. Take down curtains and remove pictures from the walls. Group furniture in the centre of the room away from the walls. Remove shades from light fittings to ensure maximum illumination when you are working after dark. Cover the floor with plastic sheeting, old sheets or brown paper. Newspaper is … Read more