Best Methods Of Potato Cultivation

POTATOES (1) Obtain your seed potatoes in late winter and place them rose end (that is the end with most of the shoots or ‘eyes’) uppermost in seed trays, or empty egg cartons, which should then be placed in a cool, airy, light (but not sunny) spot such as a shed or garage so that … Read more

Growing Potatoes Easily

Potatoes may be regarded as in a class by themselves. It should be remarked here that it does not pay most gardeners to cultivate main crop potatoes. They are so cheaply raised in fields, where machinery is used, that it is wiser for the home gardener to grow a little extra of the more valuable … Read more

Potato Growing

You might not always wish to grow your own potatoes, although none you buy will taste like the freshly dug tubers of your own, but I would advise you to grow a crop to clean your land if you are making a new vegetable garden. All of the many potato varieties fall into three different … Read more