Growing Plums And Damsons In Cooler Climates

  Soil and Situation. Plums And Damsons succeed best on rather rich, loamy land. Plums and damsons require more nitrogen than apples and are therefore less suitable for ,grass orchards, though certain vigorous varieties, such as Blaisden Red and Pershore, succeed. Lime is beneficial. Sour, poor, and dry, sandy soils are unsuitable. Plums flower early … Read more

The Care of Plums and Gages

Plums and gages may be grown as standards, half-standards, bushes, pyramids and fans. They are unsatisfactory as cordons or espaliers. They do best on deep heavy loam or on a well-drained clay soil. Ex-vegetable plot soil (rich in nitrogen) is excellent. Light soil results in poor fruit quality, brittle branches and a short life. Plums … Read more