Treating Woodworm With Vinegar: A Step By Step Guide

Vinegar is a natural and effective solution for treating woodworm. It also helps prevent woodworm from infesting timber structures. People have been treating woodworm with vinegar effectively for centuries. If you have a wooden structure that’s infested with woodworm, it can be treated using vinegar. This organic treatment method is both inexpensive and non-toxic. It … Read more


Plants are attacked by various diseases, and various small creatures, including a number of insects, feed on them. It is scarcely possible. And certainly not necessary, to have a garden from which pests and diseases are completely excluded, but it is essential to keep them within reasonable bounds. To do this successfully it is not … Read more

Planting Fruit Trees And Fruit Tree Maintenance

Apples These can be obtained as single stem cordons, espaliers, bushes, pyramids, half-standards and standards. They will grow well in any reasonably good and properly drained soil and like an open, sunny situation with free circulation of air. A few varieties, notably Bramley’s Seedling, Blenheim Orange and Ribston Pippin, are self-sterile, which means that their … Read more

Common Plant Pests And Diseases

WARNING Pesticides and fungicides should be handled with extra care. Always keep them away from children and household pets. Before using any chemical preparation in the garden, first read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Aphids (greenfly and blackfly) The growing points and leaves of many kinds of plants, both ornamental and edible, can … Read more