Fruit Growing In Smaller Areas

Fruits can be successfully grown in confined spaces, and produce crops within one to three years after planting. While they generally crop best in sunny positions, gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries grow satisfactorily in light shade. Shelter from cold north and east winds, particularly at flowering time, is necessary to ensure pollination and fruit set. … Read more

Best way to Grow Pears In Cooler Climates

Planting and cultivation Success with pears depends largely on your choosing the best possible varieties for your district. The world famous ‘Conference’ and ‘William’s Bon Chretien’ are the best choice for cold, higher altitude areas or exposed coastal districts. The soil should be improved by the addition of plenty of compost. Every early spring feed … Read more

Growing Medlars

Soil and Situation. Medlars succeed in sunny places and rather rich soils, such as those that suit plums. Planting. From the end of October to mid-March as for apples. Other details are also the same. Trees should be spaced at least 20 ft. apart. Form of Training. Usually grown as a standard but occasionally seen … Read more

The Care Of Pear Trees

Pears blossom a little earlier than apples and therefore there is a slightly higher risk of damage by frost or inadequate pollination because the weather discourages the pollinating insects from flying. They often take somewhat longer than apples to settle down and start fruiting. Pears may be grown in any of the forms in which … Read more