How to Get the Best Results by the Most Modern Method MANY modern homes are equipped with the latest electric cooking ranges and appliances, and the housewife needs to know something about their management to be able to use them efficiently. Three great advantages will be appreciated. The electric cooking range reduces labour to a … Read more

Reflector For Cooking

This is a modification of the Dutch oven, which at one time was commonly used in front of kitchen ranges. It will be found very useful for heating up food, frying bacon, and roasting cutlets, steaks, or even small joints, in front of an open coal fire or gas fire, if stood on a support … Read more

Cooking Aids

MICROWAVE OVENS Microwave ovens cook, thaw and re-heat food quickly. Microwaves are high frequency electronic waves, similar to radio waves. They penetrate the food, causing the molecules to vibrate, and generating heat to a depth of 4 cm (1 ½ in) all round. Thereafter, heat is carried through the food by conduction, as in conventional … Read more