Tench fishing techniques

Although a few tench are found in flowing rivers, they are basically a fish of lakes and ponds. The tench is a beautiful olive-green fish with large powerful fins and tiny red eyes. Tench are a summer fish although a few are caught each winter. Tench are the one species where it is easy to … Read more

Sweetcorn as carp bait

In recent years swectcorn has proved to be one of the best carp baits. Often referred to as particle bait, sweetcorn is not only an excellent carp bait but equally effective for tench, roach and. On some waters, barbel. Sweet-corn can be bought frozen or in tins. The juice which is found with tinned sweetcorn … Read more

Creepers on the House

It cannot fairly be charged against the self-clinging creepers, ampelopsis and ivy, that they make walls clamp, for the screen of downward-pointing leaves which they present does a great deal in preventing rain reaching the brickwork or masonry to which they cling. There is no doubt, however, as to their capacity for doing damage if … Read more