SOME of our wild food plants.were selected long ago to be parents of improved garden varieties; others are descendants of plants introduced into Britain to be specially cultivated as food, and these have become acclimatized as wildings. In gathering them respect should be paid to the law of trespass where this applies and to the … Read more

Tench fishing techniques

Although a few tench are found in flowing rivers, they are basically a fish of lakes and ponds. The tench is a beautiful olive-green fish with large powerful fins and tiny red eyes. Tench are a summer fish although a few are caught each winter. Tench are the one species where it is easy to … Read more

Cauliflower Quick Growing Guide

CAULIFLOWER Sowing to harvest time: 18 to 24 weeks for summer and autumn varieties; 40 weeks for winter varieties. Yield: 1 kg (21b) per plant. Climate preferred: Cool temperate to subtropical. Aspect: Open, but sheltered from cold winds. Soil: Rich, fertile loam, but sandy soils are suitable if plenty of organic material has been incorporated … Read more