Brazing And Silver Soldering

Brazing and silver soldering, also known as hard soldering, are basically identical operations; the difference between them is the alloy used to make the joint. They both require more heat than is needed in soft soldering but are similar processes in terms of preparation and technique. Brazing alloy This, strictly speaking, is brass and is … Read more

Bending And Forming Sheet Metal

A basic knowledge of how sheet metal is worked will enable you to carry out a large range of repairs and projects. There are five main processes involved in forming sheet metal into shapes: bending, shearing and stretching can usually be accomplished without elaborate equipment, while deep drawing and spinning in most cases will require … Read more

Designing in Metal

In comparison with wood, metal is an expensive and difficult material in which to rectify cutting or machining errors. Therefore you should design any metalwork project very carefully before you begin. Designing requires a logical approach and a lot of practical knowledge relating to the project in mind; so learn to apply your mind to … Read more

How To Do Solid Riveting

Riveting is a method of permanently joining metals or other materials, such as leather, plastic and thin plywood. Modern equipment has enabled the home metalworker to place accurately and set strong rivets, which are made of malleable metals such as iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium and aluminium alloys. The material of the rivet is usually … Read more