IT is important to know which lamps are suppliel through any particular pair of fuses. If the information is not already given on the fuse-box, and the fuses are not even numbered, the following course is advised. First, make sure that there is a lamp in every holder in the house, or at least one … Read more


LIGHTING current is brought into a house by two conductors connected with the street mains . Immediately after entering, the conductors are connected to a pair of fuses controlled by the company. Beyond this they run (one has to traverse the companys meter on the way) to a double-pole main switch, the opening of which … Read more


Redecorating and Refurnishing. A Selection of Ideas in modern Furnishing transforms the Old into the Neiv. A typical Example of what can be Done. THE most obvious thing to do with the front door was to make it absolutely plain. But on second thoughts it was decided that as the whole entrance was because of … Read more

Lighting And Home Improvements

All too often lighting is limited to a single dangling bulb and lampshade; yet it has an enormously important and all-pervading effect on your house. No matter how good your decorating is, if the light is bad a room will look uninteresting. Good lighting can transform a very ordinary setting. What is good lighting then? … Read more

Installing Spotlights And Wall Lights

Wall-mounted lights and spotlights offer wide scope for lighting arrangements since they can be installed in any room as the main lighting or to supplement existing lighting, which is usually supplied by a conventional ceiling rose. If you have individual lighting, such as a rise and fall pendant over the dining table, wall lights can … Read more

How To Fit Dimmer Switches

The dimmer is an electronic device which contains a semi-conductor, associated components and a TV suppressor. But unlike the old resistor dimmer, which consumed unwanted wattage and became very hot, the modern version does not use a significant amount of electricity and can be regarded as an energy saver. These switches have been designed to … Read more

How To Fit A Starter For A Fluorescent Light

How To Fit A Starter For A Fluorescent Light

FITTING A NEW STARTER A fluorescent light should operate without trouble for thousands of hours. And after it’s been working normally, it’s very unlikely that it will suddenly fail completely to come on. If a fault does occur, look at the tube, because the way this reacts will point you to where the problem lies. … Read more

How To Fit Wall Lights

How To Fit Wall Lights

FITTING WALL LIGHTS Wall lights give you the chance to use your flair and imagination to create interesting lighting effects in every room. Lighting is just as much a part of interior decoration as wallpaper, wall colours, furnishing and furniture. Ordinary ceiling mounted lights are a convenient way of illuminating rooms but there’s usually less … Read more