Good and Bad Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Planning Modern kitchens are designed with equipment and working surfaces lining two adjacent walls, the third being occupied by a table that can be folded against that wall when not in use, so leaving uninterrupted walking space. The fourth wall can then comprise an opening to the dining-room and, maybe, a serving hatch — … Read more

Self-Assembly Kitchen Units

Fitted kitchens make the most of available space and facilitate cleaning. Ready-made units are expensive, but there are self-assembly units which you can buy at considerably less cost. All components are factory-made and supplied pre-drilled complete with fixing screws and any other items needed for assembly. The units are packed flat in boxes for easy … Read more

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Appliances and equipment basic to the kitchen are a cooker, sink and refrigerator. In addition there may be a dishwasher, a freezer (either integral with the refrigerator or separate) and, if the kitchen also serves as utility room, a washing machine and dryer. What may be termed “secondary” appliances (e.g. food mixers, dispensers, waste-disposers) help … Read more