Vegetables can be just as interesting to grow as flowers and a well-kept vegetable garden can be as attractive, to the eye of the gardener, as any flower border. This attractiveness can be increased by adopting the old-fashioned practice of laying out the vegetable garden as a pattern formed by geometrically shaped and arranged beds. … Read more

Planning To Grow Vegetables And Fruits

The British are reputed to be a nation of gardeners, yet one seldom finds home-grown vegetables on the table of the average British household. Possibly, there is a reason. Vegetables of the common kinds—cabbages and peas, beans and marrows—are so cheap to buy in their season that most small garden owners do not think it … Read more

Kitchen Garden–Setting Up And Maintaining For Self Sufficiency

Productivity of a garden, especially the kitchen garden, rests on maintaining and improving soil fertility and structure. The 3 essentials are: (1) organic manuring (2) liming (3) fertilising Under cultivation the organic soil content is lost more quickly than it is replaced. In light soils this means loss in moisture-retentiveness; in heavy, loss in aeration; … Read more

Some Useful Kitchen Garden Practices

Intercropping This is of great use in the small kitchen garden. A quick-to-grow and mature vegetable is grown between two rows of a slower-growing vegetable. A good example is radish sown between two rows of peas. Two somewhat slower-growing vegetables may be ‘grown alongside each other. Thus lettuces may be grown in the vacant paces … Read more