The Attractively-arranged Table

Lunch or dinner may cause a little more trouble. The hostess should, how-over, only attempt what she can be sure of being able to serve properly. Where only one maid is kept the mistress should see that the table is properly and attractively arranged, and instruct her maid as to how she wants everything served … Read more


ONE of the great advantages of autumn decoration is that it makes possible cheerful rooms at a time when they are needed most. Some will be decorating rooms for the first time – rooms perhaps in new homes that have never yet seen the paperhangers roller or the painters brush. Others will be redecorating old … Read more

Furnishing A Study

Weathered Oak in the Study the study, which may be situated either upstairs or down, according to the accommodation available, should be simply furnished, yet cosy. It should be well lighted, both naturally and artificially, and should give the maximum amount of comfort. One cannot work in a room which is depressing or heavy. Bookshelves … Read more

The Lounge

The drawing-room, with its uncomfortable chairs and numerous ornaments, has practically disappeared, and the lounge has taken its place. As the name implies, the lounge should be a room in which to relax, a room which suggests comfort. Oak or parquet floors are the most effective, with a carpet that is neither so large that … Read more

Home Planning, Decoration, Arrangement and Organization

THERE is all the difference in the world between a house and a home. The former may be very beautifully designed, and the situation such as to encourage a poets muse, and yet remain nothing more than the desirable residence that is part of the verbal stock-in-trade of estate agents. Add that it is exquisitely … Read more

Ceiling Décor Tips

Polystyrene tiles both decorate and insulate. Although they can be used in any room they are especially suited to kitchens and bathrooms where they combat condensation. They are an ideal covering for a poor, though stable ceiling. Sizes are normally 300mm and 600mm square. A clean, dry, sound surface is needed so any paper or … Read more

Bedroom Improvement Ideas

Are your bedrooms unused for much of the day? If so, perhaps you could consider transferring some hobbies or activities there and relieving some of the pressure on the living room. It is certainly a very good idea for children and teenagers. But even if you’re going to keep it just for sleeping and dressing, … Read more

Bathroom Improvement Ideas

The mood of the bathroom has changed dramatically over the last 25 years, more so than any other area in the whole house. It’s far less clinical now, perhaps reflecting our less puritanical attitudes to our bodies. FITTINGS The basic British standard bath is 1.65 m x 75 cm x approx. 50 cm high (5ft … Read more

Interior Design For Beginners

Your home is for living in, a place in which you can feel as relaxed as possible, so it should be happy, comfortable, attractive to the eye but not overpowering, while providing for your individual needs. It should create the atmosphere you want so that you are able to say: ‘There’s no place like home’. … Read more

Good and Bad Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Planning Modern kitchens are designed with equipment and working surfaces lining two adjacent walls, the third being occupied by a table that can be folded against that wall when not in use, so leaving uninterrupted walking space. The fourth wall can then comprise an opening to the dining-room and, maybe, a serving hatch — … Read more

Interior Stonework

The range of materials used for interior decoration in the home has increased enormously as people have broken away from the traditional wallpaper or paint as a wall covering. One trend is to reconstruct the ‘natural’ effect, particularly through the use of stone. Natural stone This is always popular, particularly as material for fireplace surrounds. … Read more

Photographic Wall And Door Panels

If you want to produce particularly dramatic effects on walls or doors, you can hang photo murals. These come in a whole range of designs, each creatin a different atmosphere. The murals are easily fitted in any room in the home. The popularity of photowall or photographic mural decoration is growing steadily. The designs (which … Read more

Utilising Halls, Stairs And Landings In Interior Design

There is not much scope for planning a staircase, in that changing its basic design is often impractical and there is seldom room for free-standing furniture, unless you have a quarter or half-landing. Safety and ease of use are the most important aspects and proper lighting is the chief factor affecting both these features. You … Read more

Designing Children’s Bedrooms

Homes where the children’s possessions and activities appear to spread through every room give a chaotic impression and can have the effect of limiting adults’ activities. Children themselves are usually happiest when their activity areas are clearly defined Toddler to teenager Choosing and planning a room for a child presents a number of problems and … Read more

Designing A Bathroom

A sybaritic bathroom, complete with sunken bath, marble surrounds and lounging area, is neither within the means nor to the taste of most people. On the other hand, a coldly cramped bathroom with minimum facilities can cause mounting tension over the years, especially where there is a growing family or elderly grandparents as well as … Read more

Choosing Kitchen units

Ranges of kitchen units generally comprise three elements: 1. Base cupboards go below worktops and sinks for storage and to house built-in appliances; 2. Tall floor-to-ceiling cupboards serve a similar dual purpose; 3. For storage alone shallow wall cupboards are wall-hung above work-top level. Ready-to-assemble ranges of kitchen units are made by several manufacturers. These, … Read more

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Appliances and equipment basic to the kitchen are a cooker, sink and refrigerator. In addition there may be a dishwasher, a freezer (either integral with the refrigerator or separate) and, if the kitchen also serves as utility room, a washing machine and dryer. What may be termed “secondary” appliances (e.g. food mixers, dispensers, waste-disposers) help … Read more

Designing A Staircase and Landing

A badly designed, staircase will prove the most hazardous area in the house, especially for children, the old or the infirm. If you are putting in a new staircase, be wary of open risers, however attractively airy. Children may fall through and adults feel insecure. Lest children trap their heads, stair railings should be close-spaced, … Read more

Interior Design – Planning Colour Schemes

The colour wheel, which follows the colours of the spectrum, can help you to plan successful colour schemes. But remember that with colour there are no absolute rules for success. Primary colours within the colour wheel are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colours occur when primaries are mixed together. Thus red and yellow make orange; … Read more