Draughtproofing Techniques To Reduce Fuel Bills

Ill-fitting doors and windows are the main sources of draughts, but other points of entry are via chimney flues and floors. Warning Beware of total draughtproofing if the room contains a fuel-burning appliance, unless it is a balanced flue type in which case it automatically draws its air from outside. For other appliances, particularly paraffin … Read more

Controlling Humidity And Heat Loss In The Home

After much thought you may have installed the system of central heating ideal for your type of home. All that remains is for you to sit back and enjoy its benefits. But wait! Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. Do you now suffer from sore throats, headaches or sinus trouble? Is your woodwork warping? … Read more

Insulating Ceilings

Ceilings can be insulated (to a degree only) with cork or by applying an anti-condensation paint which not only warms the surface but absorbs what moisture there is — and this absorbed moisture will evaporate when conditions are more favourable. The property of absorption, though supplying an immediate remedy, has the disadvantage that the coating … Read more

Improving Home Insulation

The Building Research Establishment has estimated that up to 50 per cent of the total primary energy consumption of the UK is used to service buildings: for heating, lighting, providing hot water, cooking, and running appliances. Of this energy use about half is required to keep the buildings warm. It seems obvious that the reduction … Read more

How To Insulate A Loft – Loft Insulation Tips

how to insulate a loft

INSULATING THE LOFT The job of laying loft insulation is not a difficult one and it provides very worthwhile savings in fuel costs. Preparation Apart from clearing the loft of anything you have stored there, little preparation work is necessary. However, this is the time to tackle repairs you’ve been putting off — closing any … Read more