Central Heating Boiler And Pump Problems

central heating boiler problems

BOILER AND PUMP FAULTS A faulty circulation pump may result in cold radiators, over heating or excessive noise. 1. You can tell if a pump is running by switching the programmer to ‘constant’ and holding a screwdriver to it, like a stethoscope: if you hear a noise, suspect some other fault — like an airlock; … Read more

Commissioning A Central Heating System

central heating control system

Commissioning a central heating system simply means getting the system working for the first time, and naturally you’ll be keen to feel your heating working. But don’t let that prevent you from taking care over this important final stage. The first step in commissioning is to fill the system so that you can check for … Read more

How To Use Microbore Pipe For Central Heating

how to use microbore pipe

WORKING WITH MICROBORE PIPE Flexible microbore pipe can be easier to work with than conventional rigid copper tube. But only if you know how to handle it. To cut it, use a junior hacksaw. Ream out the inside carefully — you cannot afford to make the diameter any smaller than it already is. It is … Read more

Installing A Central Heating Control System

central heating control system

HEATING CONTROL SYSTEM AND WIRING Central Heating Control systems can get complicated — the easiest way to deal with them is to buy a packaged system, and follow the instructions. Even the simple system of programmer and ram thermostat described here can involve fairly complicated wiring runs, with many joints. The packaged systems usually come … Read more

How To Connect Up Radiators

connecting radiators

CONNECTING UP RADIATORS Though technically one of the easier jobs of DIY central heating installation — if you have done any plumbing previously — connecting the radiators to the boiler involves a great amount of upheaval in every room in the house. Plan the order in which you fix the pipework to the radiators so … Read more

How To Install A Central Heating Cylinder

how to install a central heating cylinder

INSTALLING A CYLINDER You will almost certainly want to install a new hot water cylinder along with your central heating system. For one thing. You will need one with an indirect heating element in it, and if you don’t have central heating at present, your current water cylinder is likely to be of the direct … Read more

How To Fit A Central Heating Pump

central heating pump

FITTING THE PUMP Either your first or second section of radiator pipework — the pipes that run from the boiler to the radiators — will take you up to the position of the pump specified on your plans. Fitting this requires some care. Pumps come with two fittings, one for each end. These are different … Read more

How To Install Cisterns – DIY Central Heating Tips

central heating cistern

INSTALLING CISTERNS Most modern cisterns are made of plastic and must be supported on a sturdy, continuous surface, such as chipboard or floorboards laid close together. If you want to raise the height of a cistern, make sure that the platform you build is also sturdy, especially for a cold water cistern which is large … Read more