Practical Home Security Measures That Work

Taking precautions ‘As safe as houses’ is a saying which no longer rings true and it is necessary to pay increasing attention to security — both the security of the home and our possessions, and personal security. A break-in is a traumatic experience, with loss of personal belongings, desecration of the home, which is always … Read more

House Insurance Tips

It goes without saying that house insurance is an essential security precaution; but many properties are underinsured. Make sure you choose just the right policy from the many available — and remember to keep updating your insurance cover at regular intervals to allow for rising values and new possessions. There is now a wide choice … Read more

How To Install A Safe

A safe is the last line of defence against a determined intruder and can also offer protection against fire damage. Use a safe to house valuables, such as cash and jewellery, important documents, spare sets of household keys, personal mementoes and other items which, if lost, could cause distress or considerable inconvenience. Consider these aspects … Read more

How To Repair Damaged Locks And Latches

How To Repair Damaged Locks And Latches

LOCK AND LATCH REPAIRS Locks and latches are a vital part of your home’s security, so it’s important to keep them in good working order. But if they fail, don’t worry — it’s not difficult to make effective repairs. REPLACING DAMAGED LEVERS Although some patterns of mortise have a cylinder mechanism, most use a lever … Read more

How To Secure Windows Against Burglars

How To Secure Windows Against Burglars

SECURING WINDOWS Windows are the most vulnerable part of any home’s security and you should fit locks to each one to deter would-be burglars. Before doing so, check the condition of each frame. If wood is rotten or metal rusting then it’ll make the window frames a lot easier to force. Faulty frames should be … Read more

Fitting Hinge Bolts and Door Viewers

How to Fit Door Viewers

SIMPLE SECURITY MEASURES Electronic alarms are not the only way of guarding against burglars. Many simple precautions can be taken which, for a relatively small outlay and little effort, will protect your home and give you peace of mind. FITTING HINGE BOLTS As discussed briefly before, hinge bolts will secure the hinge side of the … Read more