Stain Removal Secrets

A stain is a discoloration of a fabric caused by the presence of foreign matter. Always test the removal method on a hidden part first, to make sure that it doesnt harm the fabric. USEFUL FIRST AID In all stain removal, prompt attention is most important. Rinse non-greasy stains away with water. Sprinkle talc on … Read more

How To Clean A Bathroom

Home Maintenance In The Bathroom This may also double as a mini-laundry room, where underwear and the occasional shirt may be hand washed, or where nappies may be put to soak. Although the room may appear to be clean, regular attention is necessary to destroy germs. Standard equipment varies, but normally there will be a … Read more

General Home Cleaning

THE KITCHEN Since the well-being of the family may be said to revolve round the kitchen, some basic ground rules are essential for maintaining it in as hygienic a manner as possible. LARGE APPLIANCES Depending on the size and space available, the age of the kitchen and the money to spare, large appliances will usually … Read more

Labour-Saving Equipment

Time is important to the housewife and labour-saving equipment can mean much less and much easier cleaning. Here are some suggestions for really useful equipment for the home: Vacuum and carpet cleaners There are three basic types of vacuum cleaner: 1 A light-weight or junior upright model, which is reasonably priced and is useful if … Read more

Basic Cleaning Tasks

INTRODUCTION For most people their home is a refuge from the pressures of everyday life, a place to relax in, entertain in and generally feel secure. So it makes sense to keep it looking as clean and as appealing as possible. This not only means it is more hygienic, but also a more pleasant place … Read more

Dealing With Household Pests

There is a lot you can do to minimize the risk of insects or rodents encroaching into your home. The invaders seek food and warmth and are attracted by unhygienic conditions, so regular and thorough cleaning of all floors to remove food deposits and fluff is essential. Inspect the loft for dead birds and nests … Read more

External House Maintenance

Exterior cladding Any form of exterior cladding needs careful maintenance if it is to continue to look attractive. Thorough preparation of the sub-surface is essential. Hardwood cladding looks better if treated with a timber preservative. This seals the wood, yet allows the colour and grain to show through. Wood that has deteriorated and lost its … Read more