Apple Batter Pudding Half cook Oxie pound of apples and put into a pie-dish. Cream two ounces of butter and half a teacupful of sugar together, add two eggs which have been whipped for ten minutes. Work in gradually two tea-cupfuls of flour, one teaspoonful of baking-powder and a pinch of salt. Spread the batter … Read more

Home Planning, Decoration, Arrangement and Organization

THERE is all the difference in the world between a house and a home. The former may be very beautifully designed, and the situation such as to encourage a poets muse, and yet remain nothing more than the desirable residence that is part of the verbal stock-in-trade of estate agents. Add that it is exquisitely … Read more

Trees and Self Sufficiency

I think most would agree that the self sufficiency scene is incomplete without the inclusion of a tree or, if space permits, a number of trees. Perhaps the most noble of all nature’s creations, trees add stature and grace to the garden as well as remarkable interest and variation of both colour and form in … Read more