How To Grow Sage

The word ‘sage’ is an Anglo-Gallic corruption of the Latin ‘salvia’ which is derived from salvere meaning to be well or to be in good health. This indicates how highly the Romans thought of sage. Our ancestors thought likewise and we inherit from them the ditty ‘Eat Sage in May and live for aye’. Common … Read more

How To Grow Thyme

Thyme along with sage, parsley and mint is one of the very few, very well known herbs but most people know it as one of the ingredients of proprietary mixtures rather than as a garden plant. Thyme has been used as a food flavouring for at least 2,000 years. It was also a noted medicinal … Read more

Growing Mint

Man has made use of mint as a flavouring in food since time immemorial and a mention is made of this useful herb in the gospels of both Luke and Matthew. The Ancient Greeks used mint as a scent. The Romans added it to their baths. In Britain, where having a bath is more or … Read more

The Herb Garden

It is a pleasure for the housewife to walk out of the kitchen door to pick sprigs of mint and parsley as and when these herbs are required. Herb growing remains as simple as that in some gardens. But for many gardeners there is a special fascination about herbs and the collection increases until part … Read more

Setting Up A Herb Garden

Herbs fascinate me. I find romance in their histories and take delight in their names. Think, for example, of Rosemary: Ros-marinus, from the Latin ros, dew, and marinus, the sea. The common rosemary, R. officinalis, was most probably introduced to Britain in Roman times and has been widely grown here ever since as a culinary … Read more