Guttering Repair Tips

One of the most useful improvements in house construction in recent years has been the widespread use of plastic gutters and downpipes, which need virtually no maintenance or decoration and which are easy to install and remove. Their predecessors, mainly cast iron, can corrode away, and once cracked or broken can be difficult to repair. … Read more

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are intended to collect water from a roof and take it to downpipes. These may meet at funnel-shaped containers, called hoppers, and from here the water flows down to a drain. A surprising amount of other debris is washed down with the water and hoppers may become choked with nests and growing plants. Before … Read more

Greenhouse Exterior Fittings, Frames, Gutters, Weather Vanes

Greenhouse Exterior Fittings, Frames, Gutters, Weather Vanes

In some cases it is a good idea to make wire frames to go over doors or ventilators to keep out birds or domestic pets, and sometimes small children. All can do much damage in a few minutes. Much depends on individual circumstances and the greenhouse situation as to whether it is worth going to … Read more