Freezing Food

Freezing is the most recent, simplest, and one of the best methods of preserving food. The kind of freezer you buy will be determined by the size of your family and the space at your disposal. In addition, most refrigerators have a freezing compartment which will keep frozen food for one to three months, according … Read more

Bottling Fruit

Bottling sterilizes fruit to prevent contamination from micro-organisms. It is an excellent method of preserving fruit — in a sugar syrup for best results — to retain its flavour. Before the advent of freezers, bottling was one of the most usual methods of preservation: it is now popular again. You may flavour bottled fruit with … Read more

Making Pickles

Pickles are made from vegetables or fruit, preserved in vinegar. To make a spiced vinegar For 1 litre (1 ½ pints) malt, cider or wine vinegar, add a cinnamon stick, and level tablespoons (15 ml) of whole cloves, black peppercorns, allspice berries and blade mace. If you like the flavour, add a dried chilli or … Read more

Gathering, Harvesting And Storing Vegetables And Fruit

Having gone to so much trouble to grow your crops well, you should also be at pains to ensure that they are stored properly. This way you can extend the season of your vegetables and fruit to its utmost limit. Fruit Apples and pears are the principal garden fruits grown for storing and for use … Read more