DIY Quick Tips: Fitting Polystyrene Tiles

Expanded polystyrene tiles, which provide decorative covering for the ceiling, reduce condensation and cut down sound transmission, are suitable for any room in the house. In addition they help reduce heat loss; although a polystyrene tiled ceiling should not normally be regarded as a substitute for loft insulation, it makes a useful barrier in flat-roofed … Read more

Types Of Carpet

By nature of their composition and construction, designed to produce an appealing soft surface, carpets are more vulnerable to wear than other floor coverings. It is therefore essential to choose a quality suitable for the room or area where the carpet is to be laid. The carpet in the living room, for instance, must withstand … Read more

Wiring plugs

Probably the most common electrical job in the home is wiring a plug. It is crucial that the right core is fitted to the right terminal and that all connections are tight. Houses that have been wired or rewired in Britain since 1947 will be fitted with ring main circuits. These are continuous loops of … Read more