Sweetcorn as carp bait

In recent years swectcorn has proved to be one of the best carp baits. Often referred to as particle bait, sweetcorn is not only an excellent carp bait but equally effective for tench, roach and. On some waters, barbel. Sweet-corn can be bought frozen or in tins. The juice which is found with tinned sweetcorn … Read more

Redworms, brandlings and other worms

Rcdworms and brandlings are excellent baits but they are not quite so easy to obtain as lobworms. Red-worms, sometimes called cockspur, thrive in compost heaps and unless you know a keen gardener locally the only way to ensure a ready supply is to create a small compost heap in your garden. Brandlings can also be … Read more

Detecting bites with antenna floats

The antenna rig I have described for stillwatcrs will be suitable for most situations but can be varied slightly for special applications. Begin by fishing on the bottom but if you are continually throwing in loose maggots round your float the fish may begin rising up to intercept them. Move most of your shot to … Read more


Fixed-spool reels are without question the best type of reel to use for legenng. Of the two types of fixed-spool reel, the standard open-faced reel is better for legenng than the closed-face reel. Some closed-face reels have no facility for backwinding and this is necessary when legering for both adjusting bite indicator settings and playing … Read more

Choosing the swim

In a flowing river the fish are seldom evenly distributed and it is worthwhile spending some time looking around to find the most likely spots. The ability to determine the best fish-holding areas is something which increases with experience. Weather conditions, water con-,-I ditions, and seasonal movements of fish all have to be taken into … Read more


Fixed-spool reels make casting a simple operation but skill is required to achieve pin-point accuracy and distance. Casting should be effortless, so for distance fishing the float and lead shot should be heavier to achieve the length of cast without strain. The overhead cast is probably the most widely used technique except where you are … Read more