Cultivating Trees, Shrubs, And Climbers (Hardy)

Description. All plants of fully woody character that can be grown outdoors summer and winter. Some varieties are evergreen, i.e. retain their foliage throughout the winter, others are deciduous, i.e. lose their foliage in autumn. There are also half-hardy and tender kinds which can be grown by enthusiasts in a greenhouse,. Soil and Situation. Requirements … Read more


This genus has produced a great many good garden varieties and in appearance they are very like some of the false cypresses. There are only three species and all except some forms of Thuja orientalis are hardy in the British Isles. Apart from a dislike of badly drained situations all are reliably easy to grow. … Read more


Arbutus andrachnoides (syn. Hybrida) (andrachnae x unedo)is a small evergreen tree, grown mainly for the glorious cinnamon-red shaggy bark on trunk and branches. Racemes of parchment-coloured, pitcher-shaped flowers appear on the ends of twigs in the late autumn or winter. It is a hybrid between the Grecian and Killarney strawberry trees. The Killarney strawberry tree, … Read more

Acacia Tree Cultivation

The acacias, also commonly known as the wattles or mimosas, comprise a large genus of Australasian trees and shrubs. There are a few species which in mild coastal areas of the northern hemisphere will make small garden trees, interesting in their variable evergreen foliage and often spectacular in their early spring flower. The hardiest species … Read more