Dressmaking Equipment

A sewing machine is really a necessity for dressmaking. You can, of course, make entirely hand-stitched clothes, but it takes so much longer. If you are buying a sewing machine, spend time researching the various makes by asking friends and looking in shops. A swing-needle machine is certainly more useful than one with only straight … Read more

Labour-Saving Equipment

Time is important to the housewife and labour-saving equipment can mean much less and much easier cleaning. Here are some suggestions for really useful equipment for the home: Vacuum and carpet cleaners There are three basic types of vacuum cleaner: 1 A light-weight or junior upright model, which is reasonably priced and is useful if … Read more

Cooking Aids

MICROWAVE OVENS Microwave ovens cook, thaw and re-heat food quickly. Microwaves are high frequency electronic waves, similar to radio waves. They penetrate the food, causing the molecules to vibrate, and generating heat to a depth of 4 cm (1 ½ in) all round. Thereafter, heat is carried through the food by conduction, as in conventional … Read more