Even though the process of civilization has made man independent of nature and raised him to a higher level, yet he is continually aware of the fundamental influence of nature on generations of mankind. Plants are a necessary condition of civilization, and of all life on Earth. Without plants, which are capable of producing organic … Read more

Draughtproofing Techniques To Reduce Fuel Bills

Ill-fitting doors and windows are the main sources of draughts, but other points of entry are via chimney flues and floors. Warning Beware of total draughtproofing if the room contains a fuel-burning appliance, unless it is a balanced flue type in which case it automatically draws its air from outside. For other appliances, particularly paraffin … Read more

Is There A Spiritual Answer To Environmental Problems?

One of the oldest running self sufficient communities in the Western World is the Amish. Is their shunning of modern technology key to environmental survival? Is there anything inherent in their Christian values that holds the key to environmental sustainability? Because we are human, and because we care for others, we inevitably seek for such … Read more

How Much Time Does Planet Earth Have Left?

Have we time to fix the planet anyhow? The experts are all grim-faced. They concede that at least the question is a legitimate question. They divide over whether or not they want to give a gloomy answer. Perhaps, more than emerged in the series, the Observer was right to hang ‘optimist’ and ‘pessimist’ labels around … Read more

Energy Crisis: Where’s The Energy Coming From?

World energy consumption is increasing by about 4% a year, or doubling every 15 years. Petroleum consumption is doubling every 10 years or so. Traditional sources of this energy cannot maintain this rate for very much longer. We shall quite simply use up all our available resources. The argument tends to hinge, therefore, around the … Read more

Food Crisis: Can The Earth Hold Up Much Longer?

Inevitably, inexorably, each question we ask leads on to the next in today’s world. The whole Affluence discussion involves presuppositions about growth in national economics. These in turn involve international economics. These inevitably throw up ultimate questions about how long we can maintain the growth patterns (which are resource-munching patterns), and still have any hopes … Read more