For burning large quantities of garden rubbish there is nothing to beat the bonfire, if it be properly managed. The success of a bonfire depends on a strong heart of hot embers being established, and on the heat which it gives out being prevented from escaping. The material to be burned requires grading beforehand. Twigs … Read more


IT is becoming increasingly apparent that more and more people are not content to purchase the ready-made article, but desire to have their house built to their own special ideas. This is as it should be, for it still remains true that There is no place like home, especially if one feels that it contains … Read more

How France helped England with Carpets

France began the making of carpets in the seventeenth century. A factory started in 1664 at Beauvais preceded the more famous Les Gobelins, and is still running. It is true that more or less spasmodic attempts were made by Henry VIII and James I to assist the production of carpets, and the latter founded a … Read more