All surfaces which will be soldered should have been well cleaned beforehand and tinned with the very fusible bismuth solder that must be used for the purpose. Dont have the bit very hot, for fear of melting the zinc; and while soldering press the parts together to make a good joint. Solder over all heads … Read more


ALL wall switches controlling lights should have a quick-break action, which completes the switching on or off automatically when the knob has been moved part way up or down. This prevents arcing, and burning at the contact points. If a switch spring breaks, replace the switch. Even good switches – and it is false economy … Read more


IT is important to know which lamps are suppliel through any particular pair of fuses. If the information is not already given on the fuse-box, and the fuses are not even numbered, the following course is advised. First, make sure that there is a lamp in every holder in the house, or at least one … Read more


The purpose of a fuse is to break a circuit if,and when, the current exceeds a certain limit. It is usually a soft metal wire, with a low melting-point; and its gauge is such that the wire shall reach that melting-point before the copper conductor which it protects can become dangerously lf?t?g CrctfAr 4 3 … Read more


LIGHTING current is brought into a house by two conductors connected with the street mains . Immediately after entering, the conductors are connected to a pair of fuses controlled by the company. Beyond this they run (one has to traverse the companys meter on the way) to a double-pole main switch, the opening of which … Read more

Electric Bells

In some households electric bells and their circuits are regarded as troublesome fitments. But the blame more often than not rests Avith the householder: and, when all is said, the bell operated by a pull and a complicated system of wires and cranks is liable to cause more vexation. Witness the two facts that in … Read more