Putting a Battery out of Commission

If for any reason a battery is to lie idle for a prolonged period and recharging is not possible, it must be dealt with as follows: First, it is charged until the plates hava their normal colour; and then charged again after rests of an hour, until gassing begins as soon as charging begins. Second, … Read more

Clearing Drains

On the principle that prevention is better than cure, the gratings to all gulleys should be kept in place, and be renewed if they break. Even if the gratings are in good order, dirt may work through them and form deposits which ultimately fill the trap and prevent water flowing. The only course in such … Read more

Cistern, Jacketing a Hot-water.

Excepting in cases where the hot-water cylinder or cistern is deliberately left bare so that heat from it may be used for airing clothes or warming a room, there are obvious advantages in retarding the cooling of its contents. A certain amount of fuel will be saved, and water which has once been well heated … Read more