Screws and Screwing in Metal Work

Screws for holding metal parts together have countersunk, round, or cheese-shaped heads. For sizes below &-in in diameter SCREWS screws cut with the B.S.A. Thread are recommended; and for larger sizes those with British Standard Whitworth threads. Holes through which metal screws have to pass imist be bored to the full size of the screw … Read more

Making a Plumb-rule

This simple piece of apparatus is useful for testing the verticalness of walls, posts and other parts of structures. It can be quickly made out of a 6-foot length of floorboard, planed smooth all over and given quite straight and parallel edges. A line is marked with the gauge down the centre from end to … Read more

Drilling Metal

Boring holes in metal requires the use of special tools, the possession of which may on occasion save a great deal of time. By far the most efficient type of drill is the fluted twist drill, made in diameters ranging from xJ ½ inch up to 3 or more inches. Small drills for making holes … Read more