THE conveniences of having a motor car to use are seriously lessened if the car has to be housed in a public garage, or in a hired lock-up garage some distance away. And the oftener the car is needed, the more is the handicap felt. From the financial point of view alone it is worth … Read more

Protection Against Burglary

The householder can protect himself definitely from losses by burglary and housebreaking only by proper insurance. The expert professional burglar is extremely hard to keep out, whatever precautions be taken. A great many burglaries, however, are committed by comparative amateurs, ready enough to take advantage of tilings being made easy for them, but likely to … Read more


Deficiencies of old buildings by way of draughts and other discomforts can easily be remedied. OLDER types of houses, whether they be period or as late as Victorian or Edwardian, are usually at their best in the summer. In winter, unless they have been modernized and every detail in them brought up to date, they … Read more