Photographic Wall And Door Panels

If you want to produce particularly dramatic effects on walls or doors, you can hang photo murals. These come in a whole range of designs, each creatin a different atmosphere. The murals are easily fitted in any room in the home. The popularity of photowall or photographic mural decoration is growing steadily. The designs (which … Read more

Openings in walls

The inherent stability of an opening depends upon the means of spanning over the opening. Lintels, short beams of timber, reinforced concrete or steel are stable because the loading at the supports is vertical. Arches and wedge arches are inherently unstable and may only be used safely if they are adequately buttressed by the walling … Read more

Garage Doors

Up-and-over. The up-and-over garage door does not require more than the site width for opening. The door hinges, tilts and slides up into the garage roof space for half its depth. Through lack of care, older swing doors often warp, fail to hang or close properly. As a result, hinges rust and break. The simple … Read more

Door repairs–Panel Doors

Replacing a panel. Splits, breaks, dents or other damage may occur in a panelled door. A broken or badly split panel is best replaced. Panels are usually set in rebates or grooves and often finished with moulding at the edges and at muntins. Prise away the moulding where this exists by sliding a chisel beneath … Read more

Guide to Door furniture

Good-quality door furniture is made in satin-anodized aluminium; this is strong and hard-wearing. Various other finishes are available in various makes, including bronzed and black- or white-painted door furniture. Door furniture is “handed” left or right; this determines its fixing position. Mortise locks and latches, rim locks and cylinder locks (a form of rim lock), … Read more

Types of door

Doors are made in standard modules. The height of a standard door is 6 ft 6 in. (1.98 m). Front doors are in general approximately 2 ft 9 in. (83 cm) wide, dining and bedroom doors approximately 2 ft 6 in. (76 cm) wide: doors on toilets and bathrooms are usually only 2 fit 3 … Read more