Devonshire Layer Cake

Rich with raspberries and cream, Devon­shire Layer Cake may be served either as a luscious summer dessert, or as a teatime treat. 6 SERVINGS CAKE 6 oz. [3/4 cup] plus 1 teaspoon butter, softened 3 oz. [1cup] castor sugar 6 oz. [U cups] flour 3 oz. [1 cup] rice flour, or fine semolina FILLING 3 … Read more

Making Cakes

There are various basic ways of making cakes. Rubbing in is the simplest, with or without eggs; creaming is the method used for rich cakes; the whisking method produces fat-free sponges and the melting method moist cakes such as gingerbread. Baking cakes is easy and satisfying but faults can occur sometimes, for the following reasons. … Read more

Making Pastry

The art of making pastry has been surrounded by much mystique but it is simply the skill of combining fat, flour and water in the correct proportions according to your recipe; handling lightly but firmly in a cool environment; and baking in a hot oven. To obtain good light, crisp results, make sure ingredients, working … Read more

How To Make Trifles

Trifles are layers and layers of delicious ingredients. It is like having several desserts in one: sponge soaked with liqueur, fruit, home-made custard and lashings of whipped cream. And a trifle need not stop there. Fruit, nuts, crushed caramel, chocolate, glace and crystallized fruit can all be used as decorations. Sugared trifle sponges are nicest … Read more