Making Your Own Curtains

Curtain making is simplified by the use of drawstring tapes to form the curtain head into gathers or pleats and, if you want lined curtains, by detachable linings. Taking measurements Take all measurements from your curtain track. For the width of the curtains: Measure the track from end to end. Divide by the number of … Read more

Window Decoration Ideas

How are you going to dress your windows? For most of us, privacy is one of the major considerations — but if this doesn’t apply to you, try leaving a handsome window uncurtained, at least during the day. You don’t have to be conventional. For example, you don’t have to use curtains — blinds will … Read more

How to Make Lined curtains

Lined curtains hang better than unlined, give some degree of thermal and sound insulation and protect the curtain fabric from dirt, pollution and fading. Aluminium-backed insulating lining is available. Cotton sateen lining, traditionally beige, is available in other colours to match curtain fabrics. The amount of lining material required is about the same as that … Read more

How To Make Unlined Curtains

With soft furnishings you can add attractive and uniquely individual touches to your home. As in other areas of home-making, professional assistance is expensive. Doing it yourself will save you much money. It will also avoid weeks, even months, of delay. Suitable fabrics Do not use dress fabrics. They may fade, shrink or prove unsuitable … Read more

Fixing curtain track

Fixing may be on to a batten or directly into the wall or ceiling. The actual fixing procedure varies according to the type of curtain track. Fixing instructions are normally provided with a manufacturer’s kit. Batten fixing is suitable for fixing over a straight run. A 2 in. by 1 in. (5 by 2.5 cm) … Read more