Compared with people in many other countries, we in Britain are lucky in having relatively few biting or stinging insects. Venomous snakes, spiders and such like are also thin on the ground or non-existent. However, I did say ‘relatively’ few. That still leaves us with around 33 different kinds of mosquito – commonly known as … Read more


IN A DEVELOPED country like Britain most of the conditions the majority of us suffer from are self-limiting – they get better on their own. Among the common ones are colds, flu, gastric upsets, coughs, aches, strains, sprains, sore throats -even verrucas. While rest, possibly in bed, relaxes the body and keeps the patient at … Read more

For more serious conditions the foundation recommends that a qualified homoeopathic physician be consulted

Herbal Medicine Herbs seem to get into everything these days! Of course, they have always added flavour to cooking, and herbal teas, such as rosehip and peppermint, have long been popular. Now, bath oils, shampoos, face and body lotions containing a variety of herbs sell like hot cakes as we are encouraged to believe that … Read more

For more information about herbal medicine contact the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (address on

223). Dos and Don’ts of Over-the-Counter Medicines Every day, six million people in Britain visit pharmacies and a million people ask for advice about symptoms of heartburn and haemorrhoids, corns and constipation. Not only that, more than £580 million a year is now passed over the counter for cough, cold and sore-throat remedies, general and … Read more