Vegetables can be just as interesting to grow as flowers and a well-kept vegetable garden can be as attractive, to the eye of the gardener, as any flower border. This attractiveness can be increased by adopting the old-fashioned practice of laying out the vegetable garden as a pattern formed by geometrically shaped and arranged beds. … Read more

Cultivating Trees, Shrubs, And Climbers (Hardy)

Description. All plants of fully woody character that can be grown outdoors summer and winter. Some varieties are evergreen, i.e. retain their foliage throughout the winter, others are deciduous, i.e. lose their foliage in autumn. There are also half-hardy and tender kinds which can be grown by enthusiasts in a greenhouse,. Soil and Situation. Requirements … Read more

Growing Mushrooms At Home

Mushrooms should be grown in a cellar or shed, away from frosts and rains. Light is unnecessary. The method is this. Fresh manure is placed in a heap, and about every fourth day it is turned over. During this time the manure should remain moist, and a little tepid water should be used if needed. … Read more

Growing Potatoes Easily

Potatoes may be regarded as in a class by themselves. It should be remarked here that it does not pay most gardeners to cultivate main crop potatoes. They are so cheaply raised in fields, where machinery is used, that it is wiser for the home gardener to grow a little extra of the more valuable … Read more