Screws and Screwing in Metal Work

Screws for holding metal parts together have countersunk, round, or cheese-shaped heads. For sizes below &-in in diameter SCREWS screws cut with the B.S.A. Thread are recommended; and for larger sizes those with British Standard Whitworth threads. Holes through which metal screws have to pass imist be bored to the full size of the screw … Read more


LILY PONDS would allow for a larger number of lilies, which should not be planted thicker than one to the square yard of surface area. A LILY pond may be made by lining bottom and sides of an excavation with well-puddled clay of suitable consistency. The sides will be more stable if faced with bricks … Read more

Clothes Posts, Movable.

At the best, clothes posts are not ornamental, and in most gardens are a disfigurement; but the use of them may be unavoidable. There is therefore much to be said in favour of making them removable when not required. Each post will need a socket, say, 30-in. Deep, in which to be erected, buried firmly … Read more

Brickwork in the Garden

Bricks can be used very effectively for garden paths, steps, paving, low walls, pedestals, and other purposes. Those which will be walked or harrowed over should be hard bricks; and, if to be laid flat, must be cut bricks without hollows or frogs in their wide faces. Red bricks are preferable to yellow; and if … Read more

How Lay Paving Slabs

Choose your paving according to type of construction, colour, surface finish, shape, and size. Hydraulically pressed slabs are about 37mm thick and are strong enough to support the weight of a car provided that they are laid properly. Cast concrete slabs are about 50mm thick and are heavier but their method of construction makes them … Read more

Concreting Skills Explained

Concrete is made by mixing together aggregates (sand, and gravel or stones) and cement with water. For most DIY jobs you can use all-in aggregates, or ballast. There are different types of cement available but for most DIY jobs ordinary Portland cement will do. This is light grey in colour and is normally supplied in … Read more