Ceiling Décor Tips

Polystyrene tiles both decorate and insulate. Although they can be used in any room they are especially suited to kitchens and bathrooms where they combat condensation. They are an ideal covering for a poor, though stable ceiling. Sizes are normally 300mm and 600mm square. A clean, dry, sound surface is needed so any paper or … Read more

Insulating Ceilings

Ceilings can be insulated (to a degree only) with cork or by applying an anti-condensation paint which not only warms the surface but absorbs what moisture there is — and this absorbed moisture will evaporate when conditions are more favourable. The property of absorption, though supplying an immediate remedy, has the disadvantage that the coating … Read more

DIY Quick Tips: Fitting Polystyrene Tiles

Expanded polystyrene tiles, which provide decorative covering for the ceiling, reduce condensation and cut down sound transmission, are suitable for any room in the house. In addition they help reduce heat loss; although a polystyrene tiled ceiling should not normally be regarded as a substitute for loft insulation, it makes a useful barrier in flat-roofed … Read more

Suspended Illuminated Ceilings

Suspended illuminated ceilings are available in various kit forms, all of which use more or less the same components and installation procedures. Although more traditionally associated with kitchens and bathrooms, illuminated ceilings are equally suited to other rooms in the house. Besides creating improved lighting economically by giving a maximum amount of soft, shadow-free illumination, … Read more

How To Wallpaper A Ceiling Without Breaking Your Neck

It’s easier than you think to paper a ceiling. Papering a ceiling is usually approached by newcomers with some anxiety. Often the first attempt gives such poor results that no further efforts are made. The main stumbling block is often the lack of suitable long trestle tables from which the work can be done. Moving … Read more