Oriental carpets and rugs are known by the names of the towns, districts, or provinces in which they are made. KURDISH Faraghan Cabistan Kelim Anatolia Agra Ghorevan Cashmere Mousul Bergamo Amritsar Hamadan Chichi Persian Kurdistan Ghiordes Benares Herati Circassian Sumak Kir-Shehfr Jubbulpore Herez Dagheslan Turkish Kurdistan Kulah Kashmir Ispahan Dcrbend Ladik Malabar Khorassan Guenjes Melez … Read more

How France helped England with Carpets

France began the making of carpets in the seventeenth century. A factory started in 1664 at Beauvais preceded the more famous Les Gobelins, and is still running. It is true that more or less spasmodic attempts were made by Henry VIII and James I to assist the production of carpets, and the latter founded a … Read more

Designs of Oriental Carpets

The designs of Turkoman carpets are geometrical, with a wide silk edge and long fringes; dark red is commonly the predominant colour. Caucasian rugs are no exception to the rule in general design, but often introduce various forms of the swastika ()- Indian rugs and carpets, the cheapest of Oriental productions, have a large centre … Read more

Flooring Improvement Ideas

Flooring is one of the most expensive decorative items, so you can’t afford to make mistakes. Be practical first, then make decisions about colour, pattern and texture. Being practical involves thinking about various different aspects of your floor covering. What is it going to cover? – (it’s not usually a good idea to put ceramic … Read more

Floor Covering Types – Advantages And Disadvantages

Choosing your floor covering You can cover floors with paint, wood blocks, matting, carpets or plastic sheets. The traditional linoleum is still widely used, though its place is being taken over by the more modern and hardwearing vinyl. Paint has more value than you might imagine. There are varnish stains for plank or other wood … Read more

Types Of Carpet

By nature of their composition and construction, designed to produce an appealing soft surface, carpets are more vulnerable to wear than other floor coverings. It is therefore essential to choose a quality suitable for the room or area where the carpet is to be laid. The carpet in the living room, for instance, must withstand … Read more