Devonshire Layer Cake

Rich with raspberries and cream, Devon­shire Layer Cake may be served either as a luscious summer dessert, or as a teatime treat. 6 SERVINGS CAKE 6 oz. [3/4 cup] plus 1 teaspoon butter, softened 3 oz. [1cup] castor sugar 6 oz. [U cups] flour 3 oz. [1 cup] rice flour, or fine semolina FILLING 3 … Read more

Making Cakes

There are various basic ways of making cakes. Rubbing in is the simplest, with or without eggs; creaming is the method used for rich cakes; the whisking method produces fat-free sponges and the melting method moist cakes such as gingerbread. Baking cakes is easy and satisfying but faults can occur sometimes, for the following reasons. … Read more