How To Grow Lettuce

There are three types of lettuce, the cabbage, cos and loose leaf. Choice may be determined by personal taste, some people liking the crispness of the cos, while others prefer the softness of the cabbage and loosetleaf types. Soil must be rich and well prepared to encourage quick growth. Manure or compost should be worked … Read more

Growing Cabbage All Year

By judicious selection of varieties and by successional sowing it is possible to maintain a supply of cabbage throughout the year. Soil should be well prepared. Manure or compost at the rate of 1 cwt. to 10 or 12 sq. yd. will be well repaid, but may be omitted for latetsummerplanted cabbages following a crop … Read more

How To Grow Cabbages

Cabbages and their relatives mostly need somewhere about 2 ft. space each way for a single plant—certainly more than 15 in. To try to sow them at this distance, or to thin them out to it, is obviously a waste of garden space because, by raising such plants as Brussels sprouts on a nursery plot, … Read more

Growing Greens

Cabbage The origin of the cultivated cabbage is unknown, but it has been grown for many hundred of years and was highly regarded by the herbalists of old. The cabbage is known botanically as Brassica oleracea capitata, and is a member of the Cruciferae family. There are three main types, and with careful choice of … Read more