Choosing Fish To Cook

White and oily fish are both rich in protein, and oily fish contain vitamin D which helps develop good teeth and strong bones. It is often prescribed to pregnant women and young children in the form of cod liver oil. Although we are surrounded by waters which are extensively fished, it is difficult to buy … Read more

Choosing Beef to Buy

BEEF Comes from steers or uncalved heifers. It is still the most popular meat in Great Britain, for its versatility as well as its flavour and food value. British beef is most plentiful in autumn, but imported beef is available throughout the year. All beef should be hung by the butcher or wholesaler for about … Read more

Buying A Pet Rabbit

Rabbits make an ideal pet for most children because their larger size means that they can be handled more roughly without harm befalling them. By the same token, they can, be handled more easily. There is no question of their tameness for rabbits have been bred in captivity for so long that any wildness has … Read more

Buying Guinea Pigs

The guinea-pig is larger than rats, mice and hamsters. A fully grown animal will weigh between two and three pounds and be about nine inches long. They have squat, tubby bodies and are surprisingly strong. Young people handling a guinea-pig for the first time may be astonished at an absence of tail (even the hamster … Read more