Sash Cords, Replacing. The replacement of broken or worn sash cords is not so difficult a business as it may appear to anyone who has not tried his hand at it. The beginner is advised, however, to make his first essay on a window with sashes of moderato weight and easily handled. Large sashes with … Read more


A Guide to the proper Lighting of each Room in a House YOU cannot create a successful scheme of decoration and then add the lamps as an afterthought. For the scheme is not complete without its lamps and their shades, and if they are added afterwards the chances are they may spoil your room or … Read more


PROBABLY comparatively few people who buy a house pay for it cash down. As a temporary measure a bank may advance part of the purchase price, provided the clients credit is good. The charge made is usually one percent, above bank rate, with a minimum of five per cent., and the deeds of I he … Read more

Selecting a Builder to Build a House

If a person who is thinking of building a house does not know the names of any architects or builders, it is a good plan to walk round the district he has chosen and inspect any houses that may be available. There is always the possibility when doing this that he will find something which … Read more

Choice of Pictures

Tables are always needed. A nest of tables is almost indispensable, and small, low tables with book-shelves below mako a stand for a tea-tray or anything heavy. Of course the modern lounge must have a piano, wireless, and gramophone. Frame-less mirrors are used to give the appearance of space, but pictures on the walls are … Read more


MODERN furniture is a true example of simplicity, for it is simplicity itself, both in design and from the point of view of cleaning. For comfort and convenience the modern style has no competitor, and even the lover of antiques and period furniture has to admit, even though grudgingly, that for comfort old-fashioned pieces do … Read more

Furnishing of the Guests Room

The same remarks regarding the furnishing of the guest s room apply to the other bedrooms, excepting that the secretaire may be dispensed with. Three-cornered wardrobes are wonderful space-savers. Everything must invite and entice rest. In fairly large houses it is customary to provide the maid or maids with a sitting-room. This is not always … Read more