Repointing a Garden Wall

Rain and frost canse lime mortar exposed to them to crumble; and the poorer the quality of the mortar the faster it deteri orates. Many garden walls, the brickwork of which is often inferior to that of the houses to which they belong, show signs of decay at a comparatively early age. The mortar joints … Read more

Creepers on the House

It cannot fairly be charged against the self-clinging creepers, ampelopsis and ivy, that they make walls clamp, for the screen of downward-pointing leaves which they present does a great deal in preventing rain reaching the brickwork or masonry to which they cling. There is no doubt, however, as to their capacity for doing damage if … Read more

Pointing Repairs

The mortar between bricks may break away and become uneven. The visible edge is called pointing and keeps a wall both weather-resistant and attractive. If pointing is necessary, use a narrow cold chisel to chop out the old pointing to a depth of about 10 mm (2/5 in). Be careful not to damage the bricks … Read more