Seakale is grown for blanching both outdoors and under glass. Plants may be raised from seed sown outdoors in April, but two years must elapse before seedlings are strong enough for forcing. A better method is to purchase crowns and maintain a stock by root cuttings. These are prepared from thongy roots about 6 in. … Read more

Cauliflower Quick Growing Guide

CAULIFLOWER Sowing to harvest time: 18 to 24 weeks for summer and autumn varieties; 40 weeks for winter varieties. Yield: 1 kg (21b) per plant. Climate preferred: Cool temperate to subtropical. Aspect: Open, but sheltered from cold winds. Soil: Rich, fertile loam, but sandy soils are suitable if plenty of organic material has been incorporated … Read more

Growing Cabbage All Year

By judicious selection of varieties and by successional sowing it is possible to maintain a supply of cabbage throughout the year. Soil should be well prepared. Manure or compost at the rate of 1 cwt. to 10 or 12 sq. yd. will be well repaid, but may be omitted for latetsummerplanted cabbages following a crop … Read more

How To Grow Cabbages

Cabbages and their relatives mostly need somewhere about 2 ft. space each way for a single plant—certainly more than 15 in. To try to sow them at this distance, or to thin them out to it, is obviously a waste of garden space because, by raising such plants as Brussels sprouts on a nursery plot, … Read more